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Master Ensuite
Renovation Complete - 7 months but worth it

5 Sept 2017

Spring 2017
A visit from friends and a trip to HH for the long holiday weekend

Apr 2017
It's Nick's 50th so we celebrate with a long weekend in New Orleans

13-17 April 2017

Autumn 2016
Various goings on in Atlanta and the UK

Boston 2016
A weekend away for fun

29 Oct - 1 Nov

Our New House
Before, Intermediate and After Pics

Mar - June 2016

Ty & Caitlin's Wedding
Preparing for the wedding and some snaps from the wedding weekend. Such an amazing time!!

Jan - Apr 2016

Jan - Mar 2016
Miscellaneous Goings On in early 2016

Xmas 2015
Christmas in HH for some of us, UK for Jess and Adam

Dec 2015

Autumn 2015
Lots of work on our lot on Daufuskie

Nov-Dec 2015

Oct 2015
We raft the Grand Canyon, 226 miles, with an amazing group of friends. Best Trip Ever!

7 - 22 Oct 2015

Our Apartment!
Laura cleans the apartment before Nick's arrival

28 Aug 2015

Aug 2015
Laura bakes a cake and Jess and Adam move into their new house

2 Aug - 20 Aug

1969 Firebird 400
Nick and I buy a classic car - the same make and model as I had at the age of 16

Summer 2015

June 2015
Laura visits Maryland and HH and Laura and Nick buy a classic car

1 June - 29 June

May 2015
Laura visits the UK, Caitlin graduates law school, we have a crawfish boil on HH and sundry other goings on

1 May - 31 May

Laura's first month back in the states

11Apr - 15Apr2015

Laura Visits HH
First visit in a long time

4Apr - 5Apr2015

Laura Moves to the States
First to Houston to Pick up stuff in Storage

Then road trip with Vicki to Atlanta and a lot of unpacking
24Mar - 1Apr2015

Van Remodel
This is going to be a long process!
Jan 2015 - ???
Xmas 2014

Mom, Dad & Jess visit!

Laura's Business Trip to Hawaii

Some time to play after all the work
December 2014

Bahamas 2014

My 50th birthday celebration with loads of family - FABULOUS!
20-27 Sept 2014

Spring and Summer 2014

Various goings on throughout the spring and summer including a load of house guests. Fun!

Copenhagen 2014

Jess and I have a lovely girly 48 hours away together
13-15 Aug 2014

France Kayaking

We go canoeing with the Canoe Club so Nick can have some summer white water fun
2-9 Aug 2014

Master Ensuite

Our replacement of the shower screen became a bit more involved but we love the end result!
As of 26 July 2014

Symonds Yat

We meet up with the Smiths and Greens for a fantastic bank holiday weekend
23-27 May 2014

Easter 2014

Nick and I get a much needed few days off from work and go camping and kayaking
17-21 April 2014

Spring 2014

Various things we get up to at home and about
As of 17 May 2014


I go to Atlanta for a Microsoft event and get to spend time with Tyler and Caitlin. Yippee!
3-10 March 2014

21 Rowe Close

Various pics of our lovely new house
Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

San Francisco

Vicki and I meet up with mom & dad for mom's 70th birthday weekend
9 - 13 January 2014

Autumn and Winter 2013
Various things we get up to
Oct 2013 - Jan 2014
Christmas 2013

Jess and Dave visit and we have a lovely couple of weeks off work

21 Rowe Close Garden
July - December 2013
Scotland 2013

We visit Lara and Doug and go kayaking in the Summer Isles
22 - 27 August 2013

Jess Graduates from Uni

We are very proud
15 July 2013

Holiday in France

Nick and I go on holiday camping in France
29 June - 14 July 2013

Summer 2013

We move house and Jess moves into her new flat

Miscellaneous Pics

Various things we've been up to
Jan - Apr 2013

Hallways/Landings Done!
March 2013
Christmas 2012

A House Full of Guests!
Ty and Caitlin come from America and Jess from Leamington
Dec 2012

Gloster Road Kitchen

It's finally Complete
Just in time for everyone's arrival for Christmas
Dec 2012
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No Description Data Available
Loft Conversion
Finished in early June 2012
The Utility
Work moves forward on the utility!
Camping in the Wye Valley
A fantastic (and fantastically cold) weekend with the Smiths!! 26-28 Oct 2012
The Lounge
It's all done and we get a rug down too
18 Oct 2012
Renovation of the Outside Spaces
As of 30 Sept 2012
The Dining Room Lots still to do but we'll be attacking it before too long
As of 30 Sept 2012
Autumn 2012 We take Jess to Uni for her final year. Gonna miss having her around!
As of 30 Sept 2012
France Aug/Sept 2012
We camp with Marcy and Gavin in Normany
Lots of historical sites and some fun cycling as well!
Summer 2012
It has been a wonderful and busy summer with lots of visitors!
The Study
We finish on 5 August - almost done with the first floor now!
A long Weekend in Cornwall with Mum, Mom & Dad
23-26 June 2012
Northern Scotland
Doug & Lara get married & we have a holiday too!
June 2012
Renovation of the Master Bedroom

The carpet comes on Monday the 21st of May so we MUST be ready!
Latest as of 14 May 2012

Miscellaneous Goings-on in April 2012

It's Nick's birthday and Jess comes home from France!

We rewire the whole house and install a new consumer unit
Mid April 2012
Amiens 2012
We visit Jess for her 21st birthday
It's very cold but we still have a fab time!
Bahamas 2007
Finally I get these posted, they were on Nick's computer so I blame him
Thanks for nagging me Tyler!
Christmas in Hilton Head
A whole giant crowd of us. It's great to see everyone and spend so much time together!!
23 Dec - 29 Dec
Miscellaneous Goings On
December 2011
Nick Green's 50th Birthday CelebrationIt's great to spend time with everyone!
5 November 2011
The new family bathroom
The final push to completion
July - 23 October 2011
Preparing the Master Bedroom for Winter

Gotta keep the drafts out!
29 Oct 2011

The Wedding in Florida and Tyler in Chicago
The wedding is lovely and we have a blast with Tyler
10-17 September 2011
Weekend in Berlin with Lauren & Billy
we go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival
13-14 August 2011
Making a new family bathroom
Let there be light..
As of 12 Aug 2011
Miscellaneous July and August Photos
We go camping with Marcy & Gav and the Smiths come to visit as well!
Loft Conversion
I get the first layer of insulation up
Latest as of 24 July 2011
Miscellaneous May & June 2011
Carol visits and it rains a lot!
The Back Bedroom
All ready for Carol's visit
As of 6 June 2011
Tyler Graduates from Clemson
And we have a holiday in Hilton Head afterwards
11 May - 21 May 2011
Miscellaneous March and April Photos
Jess comes home for a visit and later Nick & I go camping
Nick & I go to the Scilly Isles
Just for one day
Nick shows me all his old diving stomping grounds
New Windows and Doors
Three new windows on the 1st floor, Two doors on the ground floor
3 Mar - 5 Mar 2011
A New Central Heating System
Including all new hot and cold pipes
As of 5 March 2011
Miscellaneous Pics from Jan & Feb 2011
Barnstaple, Kenilworth and Canley
Including Jess & Ty's birthday (though no pics of Ty unfortunately!)
Renovation of our new home in Barnstaple, Devon
The first 10 days beginning 14 Jan 2011
Note: I will split this into separate rooms later in the process
Christmas and New Years 2010
Home and in the Lakes
Holiday in Berlin
with Jim & Gret
December 2010
New Zealand 2005
Two weeks in a camper van, just the 4 of us
March/April 2005
Australia 2005
We visit Brian and Carol
March 2005
North Devon
Nick and I go house-hunting before our move in early 2011
Nov 15-16 2010
Dad's 70th Birthday
Pawleys Island, SC
October 2010
We take Jess back to Uni
She's renting a house this year
25 September 2010
Holiday in France, the Languedoc Region
with Marcy & Gavin
September 2010
The Pumphouse
A property we might buy so we spend a day weeding before our meeting with the architect
8 Aug 2008
Miscellaneous Goings-On with Us
June 2010
Australia Pictures
May 2010
Miscellaneous Pictures
March and April 2010
County Clare, Ireland
A long weekend away (though not long enough)
5 - 7 Feb 2010
January 2010
Miscellaneous pictures from the beginning of the new decade
Christmas Season 2009
The kids are both home from Uni
And mom and dad visit too!!
Remodel of Our Bedroom
We started before we moved in, in Sept 2007
We restarted our efforts in Sept 2009
We are DONE! - 7 Dec 2009
Lounge Remodel
We do this whole project in autumn 2009 to suprise the kids when they come home for Christmas
And we finish we time to spare!
Completed on 4 Dec 2009
Miscellaneous things we have been doing
Sept & Oct 2009
Jessica goes to University
4 October 2009
Our Holiday in HH
Ty visits for a while as well!
4-12 Sept 2009
Summer 2009
Things we've been up to throughout the summer
As of 30 August 2009
We work our way upwards to the first and second Floors
Starting in May 2009
DONE - 30 Nov 2009
Jonny and Hayley get married!
And Tim and Cathy come from the states to attend
And we all have a blast!
22 Aug 2009
Camping in Ravenstonedale with Marcy and Gavin (and Jake of course)
7-9 Aug 2009
Our Back Garden
It's all done and just growing like mad!
As of 30 July 2009
The four of us go to Barcelona for the weekend
Lots of good food, wine and Gaudi
10-13 July 2009
Our Week Away in Brockweir in the Wye Valley
The Wye Valley is on the Welsh border, just north of Bristol across the River Severn
23 - 30 May 2009
Jessica's Upper Sixth Leaving Do
She was awarded the Pennington Essay Prize and the Gillen Prize for English
22 May 09
Carol Owen vists us on her travels in the UK
All the way from the other side of the world!
15-18 May 2009
Utility Remodel
Finished on 6 May 09 (16 weeks start to finish)
Our Weekend in Ravenstonedale
Walking with the dog
3-5 May 2009
Jess goes to France
To work in a bookshop and soak up French culture
April 2009
Ty Uchaf, North Wales
Nick and Laura and Jake
3 - 6 April 2009
We visit Warwick University and surrounding towns
weekend of 14/15 Mar 09
Miscellaneous Pictures
Feb 09 and a bit of Mar 09
The 18th Birthday Party for Jess, Sarah and Isabelle
At Jack's on the Island - 6 Feb 09
Ground Floor Hallway
We are DONE!
It took 6 months in total, completed 18 Jan 09
Miscellaneous Pictures
Late Dec 08 through Mid Jan 09
Southampton University
Jess and Laura visit as part of Jess' University decision process
7 Jan 09
Christmas Season 2008
Before, during and after
This is our German Shepherd puppy Jake
He is now just over 12 weeks old and growing quickly
As of 13 Dec 08
Helen's Wedding Weekend
Nick's cousin Helen gets married in Genoa and Nick, Laura, Jessica and Lara go for all the festivities
21-24 Nov 2008
Chimney Repair
Wow, it was worse than we thought!
16 Nov 08
The Ground Floor Hallway (and front exterior)
Making progress slowly but surely
As of 16 Oct 08
Nick & Laura take Lewis camping for two nights
Yorkshire Dales 15-17 Aug 08
Miscellaneous Stuff
Aug 2008
Mom & Dad Visit
And we go to Wales and Liverpool
July 2008
Family Loo Remodel
1 July 2008
Jess goes to the Ball
Arnold Summer Ball June 08
Our camping Trip
To Borrowdale with Marcy & Gav
14-15 June 08
Family Loo Remodel
Five months on and we're almost done!
20 June 2008
Sea Kayaking in Wales
Great company, not great weather
May 2008
Nick Laura and Jess tour around France
and a little bit of Italy
11-20 April 2008
We get a Wii
and Jess and Nick box each other
Feb 2008
Trip to Poland with Marcy and Gavin
Krakow and Zakopane
Feb 2008
The front garden gets loads of new plants
26 April 2008
Nick and Tyler go Clay Pigeon Shooting
6 Jan 2008
Day on a Narrowboat
From Llangollen, Wales and across the viaduct
29 Dec 2007
Last Night of the Christmas Proms
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
27 Dec 2007
Christmas 2007
Ty's back home and Brian, Carol & Lara stay with us too
December 2007
Jess Gets Ready For The Arnold Christmas Ball
with a little fashion advice from Lewis.
17 December 2007
Our New Kitchen
From pokey and ugly to big and beautiful
Oct and Nov 2007
Our Honeymoon in the BVI
22 Oct - 2 Nov 2007
Our Wedding Weekend
Photos taken by Carol Owen
19-21 October 2007
Our Wedding Weekend
Photos taken by Lara Tipper
19-21 October 2007
Our Wedding Weekend
Photos taken by Lucien West
Over 800 pics, download takes a while!
19-21 October 2007
Our Wedding Weekend
Photos taken by Dave Ryott
19-21 October 2007
Our Wedding Weekend
Photos taken by Kellie McCann, professional photographer
19-21 October 2007
Remodel of Jess' Room
It looks even better than the pics!
Sept & Oct 2007
My Despedida de Soltera
Literally meaning goodbye to being single
5-7 Oct 2007
Remodel of Master Bedroom
This is just the beginning!
Sept & Oct 2007
Various Projects in Our New House
Sept & Oct 2007
Tyler's Dorm at Clemson
Boy this brings back memories!
19 August 2007
Laura Goes to Houston
Visits Vicki & sorts through stuff
8-13 Aug 2007
Elle's Thanksgiving Photo
Paul, Sarah, John Luc, Elle and Lewis came for Thanksgiving dinner. These are the pictures Elle took.
Our trip to Scotland on the Bike
Isle of Skye and Applecross Penninsula
19-22 July 2007
Alexander Smith's Christening
8 July 2007
Anderton Boat Lift
Built in 1875!!
1 July 2007
Ty's U6 Leaving Event and BBQ
At the School and Our Home
24 May and 30 June 2007
Viewing Our Prospective New House
With George and Caroll staying we took the opportunity to show them and the kids our prospective new house and to have another look round ourselves
Tyler's Upper Sixth Leaving Do
All grown up!
24 May 2007
Nick's 40th Birthday Muffin
Handcrafted by Jessica
And garden and allotment photos
21 April 2007
Christmas Season 2006
From decorating the tree to opening gifts and eating Christmas dinner!
Dec 2006
Tyler and the Trees all Spruced up for Christmas
December 2006
Nick & Laura'a Christmas Party
They clean up nice :)
Our New House!
Though there's still a lot to do, we've come a long way. Check it out!
Nov-Dec 2006
Just some random cooking on a Friday night
Or how to use up one of the pumpkins from the allotment.
Nick & Sarah Go Out On The Bike
Sarah wanted to go out on the bike so we took a trip over Wrynose & Hardknott Passes with a stop for lunch at The Woolpack
October 2006
Dragonboat Racing 2006
A bunch of folks from work compete in the first ever Dragonboat Races on Fairhaven Lake
September 2006
Nick & Laura's Trip to France
Travelling on Motorbike
July 2006
Race For Life 2006
Womens 5km charity run in aid of breast cancer research
Laura and Miranda posted their fastest 5k time ever !
Ty and Ellie - Arnold Summer Ball 2006
Ty and Ellie in the back garden before they left for the ball.
A near perfect strawberry from the allotment
Laura's Trip to St. Louis
Visiting & Then taking a Boeing class

June 2006
Laura's Engagement Ring
Nick and Laura were engaged on Sat 27 May 2006.
Our wedding is planned for sometime around Easter 2008 October 2007 (Laura is so impatient) in Hilton Head so keep your diaries free.
Pictures from our Back Garden
May 2006
Two weeks in the Maldives. Our surf, sand and undersea photos of our fabulous holiday.
Ty Gets His New car
You can spot Ty in one of the photo's - he's the kid with a grin like the cheshire cat.
Walking on Froggat Edge with Lara
Nick and Laura went over to Matlock to stay with Lara. These pictures were taken on a short walk on Saturday 25 Mar along Curbar and Froggat Edges.
Laura's Trip to Brisbane
Working and playing down under
Christmas in Hilton Head 2005
Thanksgiving 2005
Nick's family share the day with us
Lisbon 2005
Laura and Jess do their annual girly trip, to Lisbon this year
Sailing in Northwest Scotland 2005
We go sailing again and Laura gets her Day Skipper ticket
Brisbane 2005
With the kids in the states, Nick and Laura go to work and play in Brisbane
Wrea Green Club Day 2005
Jessica's De-crowning
Hilton Head 2005
Nick and Laura's long weekend to HH and Daufuskie
Sailing in Scotland 2004
The first family sailing trip