01-Nick in Noosa

01-Nick in Noosa.jpg

02-View from Noosa apartment

02-View from Noosa apartment.jpg

03-Nick in fab Noosa apartment

03-Nick in fab Noosa apartment.jpg

04-Noosa kitchen

04-Noosa kitchen.jpg

05-Noosa bedroom

05-Noosa bedroom.jpg

06-Barnardos, site of degustation meal

06-Barnardos, site of degustation meal.jpg

07-Walk in national park

07-Walk in national park.jpg

08-The Noosa coast

08-The Noosa coast.jpg

09-Heading back to Brisbane the long way

09-Heading back to Brisbane the long way.jpg

10-Our hire car

10-Our hire car.jpg

11-View from mountains

11-View from mountains.jpg

12-blurry self portrait

12-blurry self portrait.jpg

13-The forest heading to Brisbane

13-The forest heading to Brisbane.jpg

14-The waterfall, not easily found

14-The waterfall, not easily found.jpg

15-another view

15-another view.jpg

16-4-wheeling backwards

16-4-wheeling backwards.jpg

17-repairing minor damage

17-repairing minor damage.jpg

18-4-wheeling forwards in macho v-8

18-4-wheeling forwards in macho v-8.jpg

19-sailing in Moreton Bay

19-sailing in Moreton Bay.jpg

20-Cabin of our yacht

20-Cabin of our yacht.jpg

21-Aground in our yacht

21-Aground in our yacht.jpg

22-Afloat again - yippee

22-Afloat again - yippee.jpg



24-Yes I'm here too

24-Yes I'm here too.jpg

25-View from the cockpit

25-View from the cockpit.jpg

26-Sunset from the yacht

26-Sunset from the yacht.jpg

27-Winter sunset

27-Winter sunset.jpg

28-Winter sunset

28-Winter sunset.jpg

29-Spectacular winter sunset

29-Spectacular winter sunset.jpg

30-More sunset

30-More sunset.jpg

31-Last sunset picture I promise

31-Last sunset picture I promise.jpg

32-Sunning in the winter

32-Sunning in the winter.jpg

33-Goose-winged in hopes to catch some wind

33-Goose-winged in hopes to catch some wind.jpg



35-Nick at the helm

35-Nick at the helm.jpg

36-Cooling off in the icy water

36-Cooling off in the icy water.jpg

37-Yes it is really really cold in here

37-Yes it is really really cold in here.jpg

38-The shark approaching says Nick

38-The shark approaching says Nick.jpg