Remodel of our Terraced House in Barnstaple

This page contains links to our photo galleries documenting the renovation of our new home in Barnstaple, Devon.

We started this project when we moved in on 14 January 2011 and hope to have it done sometime this year. Stay Tuned!

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The page will be updated each time we add a new gallery with the newest galleries at the top of the page. So stick this page in your bookmarks/favourites and check back regularly to see the progress on our latest DIY project.

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Hallways/Landings Done!
March 2013
Gloster Road Kitchen

It's finally Complete
Just in time for everyone's arrival for Christmas
Dec 2012

Loft Conversion
Finished in early June 2012
The Utility
Work moves forward on the utility!
The Lounge
It's all done and we get a rug down too
18 Oct 2012
Renovation of the Outside Spaces
As of 30 Sept 2012
The Dining Room Lots still to do but we'll be attacking it before too long
As of 30 Sept 2012
The Study
We finish on 5 August - almost done with the first floor now!
Renovation of the Master Bedroom

The carpet comes on Monday the 21st of May so we MUST be ready!
Latest as of 14 May 2012

We rewire the whole house and install a new consumer unit
Mid April 2012
The new family bathroom
The final push to completion
July - 23 October 2011
Preparing the Master Bedroom for Winter

Gotta keep the drafts out!
29 Oct 2011

Making a new family bathroom
Let there be light..
As of 12 Aug 2011
Loft Conversion
I get the first layer of insulation up
Latest as of 24 July 2011
The Back Bedroom
All ready for Carol's visit
As of 6 June 2011
New Windows and Doors
Three new windows on the 1st floor, Two doors on the ground floor
3 Mar - 5 Mar 2011
A New Central Heating System
Including all new hot and cold pipes
As of 5 March 2011
Renovation of our new home in Barnstaple, Devon
The first 10 days beginning 14 Jan 2011
Note: I will split this into separate rooms later in the process