Remodel of our Victorian House

This page contains links to our photo galleries documenting the renovation of our home.

We started this project before we moved in, on 1 September 2007. We finished, by definition, at the end of 2010 when we moved south to Devon. See the Devon gallery for more DIY adventures!

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Remodel of Our Bedroom
We started before we moved in, in Sept 2007
We restarted our efforts in Sept 2009
We are DONE! - 7 Dec 2009
Lounge Remodel
We do this whole project in autumn 2009 to suprise the kids when they come home for Christmas
And we finish we time to spare!
Completed on 4 Dec 2009
We work our way upwards to the first and second Floors
Starting in May 2009
DONE - 30 Nov 2009
Our Back Garden
It's all done and just growing like mad!
As of 30 July 2009
Utility Remodel
Finished on 6 May 09 (16 weeks start to finish)
Ground Floor Hallway
We are DONE!
It took 6 months in total, completed 18 Jan 09
Chimney Repair
Wow, it was worse than we thought!
16 Nov 08
The Ground Floor Hallway (and front exterior)
Making progress slowly but surely
As of 16 Oct 08
Family Loo Remodel
1 July 2008
Family Loo Remodel
Five months on and we're almost done!
20 June 2008
The front garden gets loads of new plants
26 April 2008
Our New Kitchen
From pokey and ugly to big and beautiful
Oct and Nov 2007
Remodel of Jess' Room
It looks even better than the pics!
Sept & Oct 2007
Remodel of Master Bedroom
This is just the beginning!
Sept & Oct 2007
Various Projects in Our New House
Sept & Oct 2007